Recipes 食譜

 2 person 二人份

Ingredients 成分


  • 10 g Ancho Chilli, dry 乾辣椒10

    5 g rosemary, fresh 新鮮迷迭香5

    5 g oregano, dry 乾牛至5

    15 g salt 15

    30 g cumin seeds 孜然籽30

    30 g black pepper 黑胡椒30

    10 g garlic, fresh 新鮮大蒜10

    400 ml olive oil 橄欖油400毫升

    80 ml white wine vinegar 白酒醋80毫升

Yellow Chicken黃雞

Brine 鹽水浸

  • 1 Yellow Chicken ( size around 1000 g empty without and giblets ) 黃雞一隻 (去除內臟後大約一公斤)

    2000 ml water 2000毫升

    60 g salt 60


    60 g sugar 60


Chimichurri 阿根廷青醬

  • 200 g fresh Parley, flat leaves  新鮮扁葉芫荽200

    20 g fresh oregano 新鮮牛至20

    5 g smoked paprika 煙熏辣椒粉5

    150 g olive oil, good quality  優質橄欖油150


    black pepper 黑胡椒

    1/2 Lime, juice 青檸半個,榨汁

    1/4 of Chilli ( like habanero, aji dulce or any other chilli you find in your local market ) 辣椒1/4(如habaneroaji dulce或市場上其他辣椒品種)



  •  •2 medium size manioc ( around 600 – 800 g ) 中形木薯兩個 ( 600 – 800  )

Method 做法


  1. Place all the spices and herbs in the mixer together with the olive oil and vinegar and mix it until complete smooth and combined. Place marinade in separate container and hold on with this until the next steps.




Yellow Chicken黃雞

Brine 鹽水浸

  1. Take your chicken and make sure to clean it well inside and outside. Make sure to remove rest of feathers if this is the case. Once achieved take a large container where your chicken fully emerges with the water. Now place your water in this large container and add your salt and sugar and take a whisk to dissolve both in the water. Once no more salt and sugar crystals are on the bottom of the container place your chicken in and cover it with a lid or cling film. Make sure all the chicken is covert in the brine. Keep the container with the chicken in your fridge for 24 hours.


  2. After take out your chicken from the brine and dry it with a clean towel. For the following step take now your marinade and brush the whole chicken from all sides and inside as well and leave it 12 hours sitting in the fridge without any cover. 從鹽水中取出雞隻,以乾淨的毛巾擦乾。下一步,將雞的外面和內部均勻地塗上醃料,然後再放進冰箱中冷藏12小時,不用覆蓋。


Cooking the chicken煮雞

  1. First things first. Take out your beautiful marinated chicken and leave it out for 2 hours at room temperature, its easier to control cooking after the chicken isn’t cold straight from the fridge. 第一步,取出醃過的雞隻,於室溫中放置2個小時,這樣就可以掌握烹調的時間和溫度,因為雞隻不是直接從冰箱中取出 。

  2. Now heat up your oven at 180 °C with the fan on full speed. Put your chicken on a tray with glitter so the chicken is not sitting in his own fat, also the excess fat is not dripping on the bottom of your oven. 將焗爐加熱至180°C,並將風扇調至最高速。雞肉放在有坑紋的焗盤上,這樣雞肉便不會浸在自己的脂肪中,多餘的脂肪也不會滴在焗爐底部。

  3. Place your tray of chicken right in the middle of the oven and let it cook for 20 min. inside. 將雞放進焗爐中間,焗20分鐘。

  4. Take the chicken out and let it rest for 10 min. In that time heat up your oven to 200 °C. Brush your chicken again with marinade and place it again in the oven on the same tray for 10 more minutes. Once finish cooking take a cutting board and a sharp knife and break down the chicken by starting first with taking of the legs and than the breast, and keep the bones after to eat with your fingers. Once broken down brush a last time with marinade and serve it in a nice plate. 將雞取出,靜置10分鐘。期間將焗爐預熱至200 °C,然後將雞再次掃上醃料並再放進焗爐中焗10分鐘。雞隻煮熟後,用一把鋒利的刀,切出雞腿,然後是雞胸肉,並保留骨頭慢慢用手品嘗。切好後,再次掃上醃料然後擺盤。

Chimichurri 阿根廷青醬

  1. Take a mixing bowl and place very cold water inside. Separate the leaves from the stamps from both herbs and start washing it until no sand left in the water. Place the herbs on a dry towel and dry well. 取一個攪拌碗,放入非常冷的水。將香草的葉和莖分開,洗滌乾淨,直到水中沒有沙粒為止,再將香草放在乾布上充分晾乾。

  2. Take a board and a sharp kitchen knife and chop the herbs fine.Place them inside a medium size mixing bowl and chop the chilli as well. Add the chilli together with the herbs and mix in the olive oil and lime juice. Finish by seasoning with the remaining spices and keep the sauce at room temperature until eating together with the rest. 香草切碎並放入中等大小的攪拌碗中,再將辣椒切碎。辣椒和香草一起加入橄欖油和青檸汁中,再以剩餘的香料調味。將調味料保持在室溫中,直至食用。


  1. Place the manioc in side your clean kitchen sink and wash it properly until all sand is washed off. 將木薯正確清洗,除去所有沙粒。

  2. After take a peeler and remove all the skin and don’t be afraid to take of a bit more as you can’t eat the first layer of the manioc. Cut it carefully in desired shape ( manioc can be really though to cut so be careful please ) and place inside a medium pot. Cover with water and add some salt. cook the root vegetable until soft. take it out from the water and serve in a side dish plate once ready. 木薯以削皮器去皮後,不要吝惜多去一點皮。將木薯小心地切成所需的形狀,然後放入中形鍋中,倒入水並以鹽調味。木薯煮至軟身後,從水中取出並放上碟備用。

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