Recipes 食譜

Ingredients 成分

Ginger 薑   100g

scallion蔥 250g

Boneless chicken breast 雞胸肉  1pcs

Seasonings 調味

  • Salt


    White pepper powder白胡椒粉

    Sesame oil麻油

    Chinese yellow wine紹酒

  •  (各少量)

Method 做法

  1. Make 3 – 4 thin slices at the back of the chicken breast for easy marinate 於雞胸肉背面輕鎅3-4刀以助入味

  2. Press the ginger and scallion with your knife to mash it a little, throw them into a bowl 以刀背拍薑及蔥出味,放入碗中

  3. Add a pinch of salt, sugar, white pepper powder, sesame oil and a little bit of Chinese yellow wine  加入鹽、糖、白胡椒粉 、麻油及紹酒

  4. Marinate the chicken breast for around 45 mins 醃雞肉約45分鐘

  5. Put the chicken breast into the vacuum bag 把醃好的腫肉放入真空袋

  6. slow cook for 40mins – 1 hour 慢煮40分鐘至1小時

  7. Slice the chicken breast into small pieces 取出雞肉,隨喜好切厚片

  8. Add two spoons of oil onto a pan. Pan- fry some chopped ginger and scallion till fragrant. Add salt and sugar.  薑蔥切碎,加油於平底鑊爆香,再加少量鹽、糖、白胡椒粉調味

  9. Pour the seasoned ginger and scallion onto the cooked chicken breast 薑蔥灑於煮好的雞胸肉上

  10. Serve 上碟

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