Recipes 食譜

Ingredients 成分

  • Sea bream (or any round white fish) 1 pc 海鯛(或任何圓身白魚)1
  • Salt 2.5 kg 2.5公斤
  • Eggs 3 pcs 雞蛋3
  • Lemon 2 pcs 檸檬2
  • Thyme 1 bunch 百里香1
  • Small potatoes 500 grs 小薯仔500
  • Pearl onions 250 grs 珍珠洋蔥250
  • Mushrooms 250 grs 蘑菇250
  • Chives 50 grs 細香蔥50
  • Broccolini 1 pack 西蘭花1
  • Garlic 10 grs 蒜頭10
  • Onion ½ pc 洋蔥半個
  • Butter 50 grs 牛油50
  • Shio kombu 2 grs 塩昆布2
  • Hanaho 1 pack 紫蘇花1
  • Shiso leaves 1 pack 紫蘇葉1
  • Yuzu 1 pc 柚子1

Method 做法

  1. In a big bowl mix the salt, the chopped shio kombu and the egg whites and mix well until you have a wet sand kind of texture. Get your fish and fill the guts parts with lemon slices, shiso leaves and thyme. 在一個大碗中,將鹽、切碎的塩昆布和蛋白混合,直到形成濕沙般的狀態。撈出魚,將魚肚釀入檸檬片、紫蘇葉和百里香。
  2. In a baking tray place baking paper and make a “bed” of salt, place your fish and cover it with the remaining salt mix, make sure you cover it completely, totally encased. 焗盤內放上烤紙,舖上厚厚的鹽,再放上魚並蓋上剩餘的鹽,確保鹽完全將魚蓋好。
  3. Wash your potatoes very clean and place them in an oven tray with the pearl onions and broccoli and steam them in your Gaggenau oven for 15 minutes. 將薯仔洗乾淨,與珍珠洋蔥及西蘭花一同放到焗盤上,以Gaggenau 蒸焗爐蒸15分鐘。
  4. Heat your gaggenau roasting oven at 190c and once the temperature is reached, place your salted fish and cook for 25 minutes. If the fish is very big it will require more time. Gaggenau 烤焗爐加熱至攝氏190度,將魚放進焗爐焗25分鐘。若魚比較大,則需要更多時間。
  5. In a pan add a little oil and cook your mushrooms, your potatoes, pearl onions and broccoli, add garlic, butter and chives to finish. 於平底鑊中燒熱油,將蒜頭、牛油及細香蔥加入蘑菇、薯仔、珍珠洋蔥及西蘭花同炒。
  6. Place in a nice tray decorated with herbs and flowers. 將所有材料放上盤子,並以香料及花朵裝飾。
  7. Paced the fish cooking time, take out from the oven and let rest for at least 10 minutes. 將魚從焗爐中取出,靜置 10分鐘。
  8. Break the salt crust, peel off the skin, finish with some yuzu zest or any citrus you may have and serve. 將鹽皮打破,魚剝皮,最後可灑上一些柚子皮或任何柑橘類果實。

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