Recipes 食譜

  • This is a recipe inspired by the legendary French chef Jacques Maximin.  He is known as the “Chef of Chefs” and is, along with Alain Ducasse, the mentors of my mentor Chef Sylvain Portay.  The name “quatre quarts” means “four fourths” and refers to the sauce’s 4-equal-quantity ingredients.  It is a versatile sauce for all fish and seafood.

  • 這食譜的靈感來自法國烹飪大師Jacques Maximin,他與Alain Ducasse一同被譽為是「大廚中的大廚」,他們均是我恩師Sylvain Portay的導師。「quatre quarts」的意思是「four fourths」,形容醬汁中四種相同份量的食材,適合烹調多種魚類及海鮮菜式。

Ingredients 成分

  • 1 fish, leave whole if small and chopped into even size pieces if large.  魚一條,小則保留原條,大則切成大小均勻的小件

    1/2 cup lemon juice 檸檬汁半杯

    1/2 cup butter 牛油半杯

    1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 初榨橄欖油半杯

    1/2 cup water or chicken or fish stock 清水/魚湯/雞湯半杯

    1 large potato, sliced 大薯仔一個,切片

    2 tomatoes 蕃茄2

    1 large clove garlic with skin 連皮蒜頭1

    herbs of your choice 自選香草適量

  • salt and white pepper to taste 鹽及胡椒粉調味

Method 做法

  1. Clean, prepare, and season fish. 將魚清洗乾淨和調味。

  2. Put everything except fish in the pan, on medium heat cook until potato slices are cooked. 除了魚肉,將所有食材放入鍋中以中火煮至薯仔變軟身。

  3. Put fish on top of potatos and put in 200 degree oven and bake until fish is cooked.  Baste the fish with sauce every 2 minutes.  Add more water if sauce starts getting dry. 將魚舖在薯仔上,再放入焗爐以200度烤至魚熟。每隔2分鐘為魚淋上醬汁。如果醬汁開始變乾,便加入更多水份。

  4. Adjust seasoning and thickness of sauce and serve. 最後調整調味料和醬汁的濃度,然後上碟。

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