Recipes 食譜

Makes 3 – 4 Jars 約3-4小瓶

Ingredients 成分

Salmon 三文魚

  • 600g Salmon filet skinned -去皮三文魚
  • 250g unsalted butter -無鹽牛油
  • 4 sprigs thyme -百里香
  • 4 bay leaves fresh -新鮮月桂葉
  • Celery salt -西芹鹽
  • Malden Salt -Malden鹽

Pickled Cucumber 醃青瓜

  • 1 x peeled cucumber seeds removed 青瓜去皮去籽
  • 150g sugar 砂糖
  • 150g white wine vinegar 白酒醋
  • Malden salt Malden鹽
  • 10g chopped dill 蒔蘿碎

Method 做法

Salmon 三文魚

  1. Pre heat the steamer to 100c 將蒸爐預熱至100c
  2. Pull a large sheet of tin foil big enough to make the fish into a parcel 預備一張大錫紙,其大小足以包裹整塊三文魚
  3. Lay the fish down on the tin foil and season with the celery salt and the Malden salt 將魚放到錫紙上,然後用西芹鹽和Malden鹽調味
  4. Slice ½ the butter and place this on top of the salmon 切一半牛油,並將其放在三文魚上
  5. Now place the herbs on top of the salmon and wrap the parcel 將香草放在三文魚上,然後用錫紙包裹
  6. Place your fish parcel on a baking tray and put in the steamer 將魚塊放在烤盤上,然後放入蒸爐中
  7. After 25 minutes check the fish, you are looking for it to start to break apart with no resistance 蒸約25分鐘後檢查魚塊,您會發現它很容易便會分離
  8. If the fish is still firm re seal the envelope and put it back in for another 5 minutes 如果魚質仍然牢固,請重新包裹,然後再放回蒸爐蒸5分鐘
  9. Once its starting to fall apart remove form the oven and leave it for 5 minutes to cool slightly 魚肉一旦開始散開,請從烤箱中取出並放置5分鐘,使其稍微冷卻
  10. Melt the other half of the butter in the pan 將鍋中把另一半的牛油融化
  11. Now place the salmon in the bowl and carefully using 2 forks break up the flesh 現在將三文魚放入碗中,並用2把叉子小心地將魚肉切碎
  12. Slowly add some of the cooking liquids to moisten the fish and check for seasoning 慢慢加入一些烹調魚汁,使其濕潤,並加入調味料
  13. Then fill your jars 2/3 full with the salmon and press the mixture down. 然後將三文魚肉裝入玻璃瓶至2/3滿,然後將混合物壓下。
  14. Now pour over the top of the salmon some of the melted butter plus a bay leaf and seal the jars 現在將融化了的牛油和月桂葉倒在三文魚上,然後將玻璃瓶密封。
  15. Place the jars in the steamer for a further 20 minutes to seal, after 20 minutes remove from the steamer and chill 將玻璃瓶放入蒸爐中蒸20分鐘,然後取出冷卻。

Pickled Cucumber 醃青瓜

  1. Place the vinegar and sugar in a pan and warm until the sugar is dissolved, place it to one side to cool down 將醋和糖放到鍋中,加熱至糖溶解,放到一邊冷卻
  2. Slice the cucumber on a mandolin into moon shapes 將青瓜以曼陀鈴切成月亮形狀
  3. Sprinkle with a litte Salt and allow to sit for 5 minutes 撒少許鹽,靜待5分鐘
  4. After 5 minutes rinse off the salt and drain the water 5分鐘後,將鹽沖洗乾淨並排乾水
  5. Add the chopped dill and pour over the cooled pickle liquid 加入切碎的蒔蘿,倒入冷卻了的醃製液體中
  6. Let the cucumber sit for 1 hour before using 備用前先將青瓜醃1小時
  7. When ready to use just drain off the pickling liquid 最後將青瓜排去醃製液體備用

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