Recipes 食譜

Ingredients 成分

Dough 水油發麵皮

  • All-purpose flour 中筋麵粉1 kg
  • Water 清水283 g /7. 5
  • Yeast 酵母3.75 g /1
  • Sugar 砂糖57 g / 1.5
  • Salt5.63 g  /1.5
  • Lard 豬油(optional可選擇不加) 57 g /1.5

Pastry case 油酥

    • Cake Flour低筋麵粉302 g  / 8
    • 豬油Lard (optional可選擇不加) 132 g / 3.5


    • Preserved Sichuan Meat四川臘肉 (in pieces切成指甲片大小) (optional可選擇不加) 340 g / 9
    • Pork Belly 五花肉(in pieces切成指甲片大小) 340 g / 9
    • Scallion 葱花151 g / 4
    • Garlic Sprouts 青蒜76 g / 2
    • Black Pepper 粗粒黑胡椒18.75 g / 5
    • White Pepper粗粒白胡椒9.37 g / 2.5
    • Soy Sauce 生抽18.75 g / 5
    • Shao Jiu 紹酒9.37 g  / 2.5
    • 豬油Lard (optional可選擇不加) 28.13 g / 7.5
    • Egg Wash蛋液 Proper適量
    • White Sesame白芝麻Proper適量

Method 做法

  1. Pan-fried preserved Sichuan meat and pork belly and mix with other ingredients for fillings. Refrigerate for later use. 將指甲片大小的四川臘肉及五花肉炒香,再與其他調料混合均匀冷藏備用。
  2. Mix all ingredients for the dough and wrap with plastic film. Allow it ferment until the dough doubles in size and does not collapse or flattening when pin with finger. 將水油皮的材料混匀,包上保鮮紙,發酵至兩倍大並戳下時不回彈及不塌陷。
  3. Allow it to rest in the air in the steam oven. Divide into pieces with 76g each. 將麵糰置於蒸焗爐排氣,分割成每塊2兩。
  4. Mix lard with cake flour and divide it into pieces with 18.75g each. 油酥部分混合成糰,分成每塊5錢。
  5. Fold the dough over and push down with the heel of your hand into a shape of circle. Roll the pastry case into the dough, with the opening of the that facing floor. 水油皮按扁成圓形,包入油酥,收口朝下。
  6. Shape the dough into long, narrow strips and roll. Shape it into long and narrow strips again and roll once again. 將皮擀成長條形,卷起。再擀成長條,卷起。
  7. Pull down the dough and roll the it with rolling pin until it has reached a shape of desired circle. 將卷起的麵糰用手掌按扁 ;用擀麵杖將麵糰擀成圓形
  8. Fold filling (around 76g each) into the dough with the opening of the that facing floor.包入內餡2兩,收緊接攏口朝下擺放。
  9. Brush top with egg wash and spread white sesame on top. 表面刷上一層雞蛋液,將刷過蛋液的一面沾上白芝麻。
  10. Preheat oven (200) Place in the middle layer of the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until the face of the cake turns golden. 預熱焗爐 (200) 並放入中下層,烤15-20分鐘,至表面金黄即可。

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