Recipes 食譜

 2 person 二人份

Ingredients 成分

Arepa 粟米餅

  • 80 g Corn Flour (precooked cornflour) 
  • Reference Brand: Harina PAN 
  • 粟米粉(熟粟米粉)80克,參考品牌:Harina PAN
  • 115 g warm water 溫水115
  • 1g salt 1

Guacamole 牛油果沙沙醬

  • 1 Avocado, ripe 熟牛油果1

  • 1/2 Lime 青檸半個

  • 1/4 Chilli, any you can find on your local market 辣椒1/4個,在本地市場上都可以找到

  • Salt

  • black pepper 黑胡椒

  • 5 g coriander, fresh leaves 新鮮芫荽葉5

King prawn皇帝蝦

  • 4 prawn ( or any fresh shrimp you find at your local market ) 大蝦4隻(或市場上任何新鮮蝦)

  • 2 sprig thyme 百里香2

  • 1/4 skin of Lemon and orange 檸檬和橙皮各1/4

  • 50 ml olive oil ( good quality ) 優質橄欖油50毫升

  • Salt

  • Black pepper 黑胡

Method 做法

Arepa 粟米餅

  1. Wash your hands well. Place your corn flour inside a medium bowl and add salt. Little by little start add warm water and work out the dough with your hands. Once you feel the dough comes together and not breaking a part than its ready. it might happen that you need to adjust with more flour or water, with this kind of dough is more about feeling by hand. once you can roll a bowl inside your hand and it keeps together than you did a great job. Once you achieved around 30-40 g shaped balls press them carefully down and have them at least 1 cm thick. make sure outsides are not cracked. Let the dough rest for 30 min. in the fridge fully covered. 洗乾淨手,將粟米粉放進中形碗中,加鹽,逐少逐少加入溫水,然後用手搓成麵糰。你可能需要加入更多的麵粉或水,當你覺得到麵糰粘在一起而沒有散開就表示已經準備好了。當你可以用手滾出一個球,這證明你已經成功。用手搓出多個約30-40克的小球,小心地將其壓成1 cm的厚度,確保表面沒有破裂。然後,將麵糰完全覆蓋並放進冰箱內靜置30分鐘。

  2. Heat up a large pan and brush it with some oil and make sure its smoking hot. add your arepa dough and colour it from both sides around 2 min each side. The goal is to have a few black spot, but not too many. Place the arepas on a try with racks and back in 180 °C oven for 10 min. 於大鍋中掃上油並加熱至霧煙,放入粟米麵糰,並煎至兩面金黃,每面需時約2分鐘左右。當你發現粟米餅開始有幾個黑點便完成,不要太多。 將粟米餅放在焗盤的架上,然後放回180°C的焗爐中焗10分鐘。

  3. Take out and cool down a little bit. Cut the sides halfway and try to open carefully, but not breaking the arepa. just open it until you have enough to put some filling in later. If needed take some dough out from the inside to make some space for the filling. 從焗爐中取出,並稍為冷卻一下。將粟米餅切成兩半,小心地打開,不要弄破,將餡料釀入粟米餅中。有需要的話,從粟米餅內取出一些麵團,以騰出空間放入餡料。

Guacamole 牛油果沙沙醬

  1. Take a chopping board and start chopping the chilli and coriander with stamps.  取一塊砧板,將辣椒和芫荽去莖切碎

  2. Take a medium size bowl and place your avocado inside without the skin and stone. Take a fork and smash the avocado until its pasty. Add the rest of ingredients and season well. 於中形碗中放入已去皮去核的牛油果, 用叉將牛油果搗碎,直到呈糊狀,然後加入乘餘的食材並調味

King prawn皇帝蝦

  1.  Wash your hands properly and take the prawn. Take off
    carefully the shell and head of the prawn and remove the gut line as good as
    you can. 雙手洗淨,小心地取下蝦頭和去殼,並盡可能去除蝦腸

  2. Place prawn on a tray and marinate with all the ingredients and season well with salt and pepper. 將蝦放在焗盤上,用上所有食材醃蝦,再以鹽和胡椒調味

  3. Place in the oven at 180 °C and cook it for 5 min. Make sure to brush the prawn after 2 min. with the same oil they’re. Once cooked cool down at room temperature and cut into smaller pieces and add inside your guacamole. Start now filling your freshly made arepa with as much filling as you can fit inside and enjoy. 將蝦放入180°C的焗爐中焗5分鐘,每隔2分鐘用蝦油掃一次。煮熟後,將蝦放於室溫中冷卻,然後切成小塊再加入牛油果沙沙醬中。現在,餡料已準備好釀入粟米餅中

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