White Truffle Hunt and Gala Dinner

Date: November 29th 2012
Venue: the Hullett House

Gaggenau staged the city’s first white truffle hunt and dinner, as a tribute to their professional and sculptural kitchen appliances, which are equally rare and priceless as white truffle in culinary world.

The event commenced with a hunt for the white diamond, where 20 socialites and journalists were taken on an odyssey by Audi A8 sedan with a chauffeur from their residence to Hullett House, then Audi Kowloon and had their final adventure at the newly opened House of Gaggenau, where they hunted for a hidden truffle in an “edible truffle forest”.

The hunt preluded an evening of white elegance, where 150 city’s most prominent guests were treated to a night of ultimate gastronomy enjoyment at the courtyard of the Hullett House. Chef Ryan Clift, owner and executive chef of The Tippling Club, best 20 restaurants in Asia, elaborately created a six-course feast themed with “the white diamond”. A highlight of the dinner came as the guests bidding for a large white truffle sponsored by Gaggenau to support UNICEF.

The event reflects the most genuine passion of Gaggenau to promote refined culinary arts and its persistent pursuit of the “bella vita”.