Peroni Amici

Spoiler alert: it was for sure the most surprising and exciting event you can imagine!

When 12 most exclusive guests were invited to the “Peninsula”, they thought they would have another ordinary night in the Peninsula Hotel. Yet, when they arrive in the hotel, instead of a classy private dining room, it was a helicopter waiting for them.

After 15 minutes of flying, guests arrived in an actual peninsula, the backyard of a private house in clear water bay. Then again, instead of the homie bench and barbeque hob, there was a well decorated marquee, inside which Chef Pino Lavarra, executive chef of Michelin starred Tosca were cooking a lavish dinner on the most luxurious Gaggenau pop up kitchen.
Peroni set up the most unbelievable experience as a celebration to launch their Amici programme in Hong Kong. Guests were indulged in the most beautiful sunset while sipping the refreshing and crispy Peroni beer.
Before the night falls, guests started their lavish dinner. Every dish was live cooked by Chef Lavarra with Gaggenau most advanced kitchen appliances, making sure each bite is at its best flavor.
The collaboration between Gaggenau and Peroni, two art of living masters, reflects the brands’ relentless pursuit of ultimate sensational enjoyment and savoir-faire.