Gaggenau x Richard Juhlin Press Conference – 27 Dec 2017

Gaggenau joins hands with world-leading expert Richard Juhlin to explore the art of champagne

Hong Kong, 27th December 2017 – Gaggenau, the world’s leading premium German manufacturer of home appliances, proudly invited the world’s #1 champagne expert Richard Juhlin to introduce the art of champagne with Gaggenau’s wine climate cabinets to connoisseurs and tastemakers alike at KI Cubus in Causeway Bay on 27th December, 2017.

Wrapping up a successful year of collaborating with Michelin-starred chefs to explore the art of culinary with state-of-the-art cooking appliances engineered by Gaggenau, the German manufacturer of high-quality, innovative home appliances advances to another arena in 2018: wine culture.

As a matter of fact, wine culture has been one of the major professional fields for the epitome of exclusive culinary culture and sophisticated lifestyle. Gaggenau always recognizes wine experts in the world and will present the Gaggenau Sommerlier Awards for the third time in September 2018. It is therefore a natural step for Gaggenau to be associated with Richard Juhlin, a champagne maestro celebrated for superb blind tasting skills successful publications and champagne tasting events. With such accomplishments, Juhlin received a “Merit de Agricole” from the French Ministry of Agriculture.

At the event, Richard shared his views on champagne storage and unveiled his new book – Champagne Hiking – The 100 Best Champagne Locations in the World, at the first stop, KI Cubus Showroom in Hong Kong for his book launch in Asia tour, after the official launch in Sweden in early December.

The Vario cooling 400 series offers a perfectly controlled environment for professional wine storage – a condition crucial for bringing about the best flavours a meticulously brewed bottle has to offer. Agreed by champagne experts in the likes of Richard Juhlin, temperature control is of utmost importance for champagne storage. Besides functionality, Gaggenau as a tastemaker in the industry offers professional appliances with a great look sought-after by discerning connoisseurs.

Gaggenau Vario Cooling 400 Series wine climate cabinet offers conditions akin to that of a wine cellar these exclusive wine cabinets provide professional storage facilities in a domestic setting. They feature two separately regulated climate zones in which temperatures are precision-controlled and humidity can be regulated. The stainless steel interior with LED lighting and exclusive fittings, not to mention virtually vibration-free operation, ensures perfect wine enjoyment at home.