Fu Hui Education Foundation Charity Gala

Date: October 16 2014
Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong

The Fu Hui Education Foundation was set up 10 years ago, with a mission to provide education for children in China living in extreme poverty.
Over the years, Fu Hui had sponsored over 8,000 students to high school and university education standard, as well as 2,000 orphans of the Yi minority through its Liangshan Orphan Program.
Kitchen Infinity Holdings Ltd. (KI) has been a committed supporter of the foundation. Apart from supporting them financially, KI have also made trips to Guangzhou in visiting and spending time with the students.
The Charity Gala was a great opportunity for KI to invite its VIP guests, to reminisce on childhood fun times (theme of the night was Childhood) as well as sharing with them this meaningful idea.