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Holger Deh Black Forest Cake Cooking Class

We were delighted to have Chef Holger Deh (, previous head chef at the Rosewood Hotel’s Butterfly Patisserie to host the Black Forest Gateau Cooking Class at the Boffi showroom yesterday.

Signature to the region where Gaggenau also originated, and coincidentally Holger’s hometown, we decided to celebrate all the above in the creation of the Black Forest Gateau.

Cooking with KI, Upcoming Events

Gaggenau Home Chefs – Chinese New Year Series

Two city’s top Michelin starred Chinese chefs Utilize Gaggenau’s State-of-the-Art Kitchen Appliances to Produce High-Quality Cooking Demonstration Videos for Aspiring Home Chefs

#GaggenauHomeChefs #CookatHome

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, Gaggenau specially presents the ” Gaggenau Home Chefs – Chinese New Year Series ” in this auspicious occasion. Starting from 15 January, two city’s top chefs – Adam Wong, Executive Chef of 3-Michelin-starred Forum Restaurant and Chef Wong Wing Keung of 1-Michelin-starred Man Wah will teach all home chefs how to make luxurious Chinese dishes for 4 consecutive weeks. With the help of the new Gaggenau 400 series Combi-steam oven and top-quality ingredients, you can easily prepare precious festive dishes with a traditional taste. 

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【隆重呈獻 — Gaggenau星級中菜廳】

農曆新年將至,Gaggenau聯同兩位城中星級大廚特別呈獻「Gaggenau 星級中菜廳」,米芝蓮三星富臨飯店阿一鮑魚行政總廚黃隆滔以及文華東方酒店米芝蓮一星文華中菜廳行政總廚黃永強,由1月15日開始一連4星期教授如何使用 全新Gaggenau 400 系列蒸焗爐配合頂級食材,在家也可輕鬆炮製有如星級中菜廳出品的應節賀年菜式, 製作出經典味道。菜式包括 #阿一鮑魚、#金湯燴花膠、#富貴寶貝雞及 #玉鱗魚躍逐金波,大家絕對不能錯過!