Recipes 食譜

Ingredients 成分

On service 製作:

  • 1 small banana leaf, cut into 15 cm x 15 cm  香蕉葉一塊,切成15 cm x 15 cm

    10 g Bai yor leaves   蘿苓果葉10

    8 g Thai basil leaves   羅勒葉8

    4 g fire julienned kaffir lime leaves   切絲青檸葉4

    70 g cooked lobster 熟龍蝦肉70

    Hor Mok base see below 泰式咖哩魚肉蛋漿 (製作過程如下)

Hor Mok base  泰式咖哩魚肉蛋漿材料:

  • 150 g white flesh fish 新鮮白身魚150

    90 g red curry paste 紅咖喱醬90

    1 chicken egg 雞蛋一隻

    1 g large pinch salt  1

    45 g fish sauce  魚露45

    25 g palm sugar  棕櫚糖25

    2 g pinch galangal powder 南薑粉2

    5 g chilli powder 辣椒粉5

  • 250g coconut cream 椰漿250

Topping 裝飾配料:

  • 30 g coconut cream 椰漿30

    25 g slices of cooked lobster, warmed  熟龍蝦25

    2 g julienned red chilli 切絲紅辣椒 2

    4 g pinch chopped coriander 芫荽碎4

    2 g fire julienned kaffir lime leaves   切絲青檸葉2

Method 做法

Lobster 龍蝦

  1. Prepare and clean the lobster. 準備及清洗龍蝦:

  2.  Steamer the lobster in for 8 minutes. Refresh in ice water.  龍蝦蒸8分鐘,然後浸於冰水中冷卻

  3. Take the meat out of the shell.  從龍蝦殼中取肉

  4. Slice to order. 切小粒備用

Hor Mok base  泰式咖哩魚肉蛋漿

  1. Combine chopped fish with curry paste and blitz in a mixer until a fine paste.  將魚肉及咖喱混合,再以攪拌機打至幼滑。

  2. Mix the coconut cream with the salt, fish sauce, sugar and galangal powder. Gradually work in the eggs. 將椰漿與鹽、魚露、糖和南薑粉混合,慢慢加入雞蛋。

  3. Take out and place in a plastic container. 倒入塑膠容器中備用。

On service 製作:

  1. Line small bowl with pillow of cleaned banana and bai yor leaves then the add a good grasp of basil leaves.  於小碗內舖上乾淨的香蕉葉和蘿苓果葉,再加入羅勒葉

  2. In a separate bowl, mix hor mok base ,julienned kaffir lime leaf and lobster., Spoon the hor mok base on top of the banana leaf and steam in oven for 15 minutes. 於另一個碗內將泰式咖哩魚肉蛋漿、切絲青檸葉和龍蝦混合,再放入焗爐蒸15分鐘

  3. Remove from oven and nappe hor mok with fresh coconut cream and then place remaining lobster slices on top. 從焗爐中取出,倒入新鮮椰漿及舖上餘下的龍蝦肉

  4. Remove from steamer and drain excess water. 從蒸爐中取出後倒去多餘水份

  5. Carefully slide and transfer the steamed curry into the vulva bowls. 小心地將蒸蛋移到陶瓷碗中

  6. Nappe with thick coconut cream then top with the chilli, kaffir lime leaf and coriander. Serve with pride. 倒入椰漿並灑上紅辣椒、切絲青檸葉及芫荽碎即成

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